Our exclusive accelerated strategic planning regimen quickly determines the right course of action for emerging brands, companies facing changing market conditions, and those looking to expand market share domestically or internationally.

Emergent Worldwide is a specialized brand development and strategic planning company that focuses exclusively on emerging and transitional brands of any size - from start-ups to stay-ups. Brands in transition that need re-tooling - brand extensions, line extensions, opening new markets, going public; whatever. We provide a mix of thoughtful entrepreneurial and creative spirit with strategically based expertise and talent; all experienced and proven, all committed to turn client opportunities into success anywhere in the world.

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Our Experience

Our strategy based organizational approach in addition to our Alchemy engine has been effective for a wide range of corporate structures and categories. Whether you’re going to the next level or just starting, we have the strategic expertise and efficient systems to help you achieve your goals. From coaching to branding to planning and creative thinking we can help any size company compete anywhere in the world.

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Monthly mastermind meetings
Access to our tools and software
Marketing material
Exclusive access to our courses (with course requests)
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Meet Gary

Gary Szenderski is a senior marketing strategist and branding specialist, internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject.  Mr. Szenderski specializes in working with emerging brands and companies in transition – Start-ups, brand or line extensions, new product launches, market development, repositioning etc. - with experience in a wide range of categories including Technology, Travel, Retail, Health Care, Packaged Goods, SaaS, Fashion, Non-Profits, Education, Personal Development and the Public Sector.

He also conducts planning and marketing seminars for owners of large and small businesses facing expansion and other change related issues.  In addition, Gary is a published author, often quoted marketing expert, and public speaker. He was named Outstanding Instructor at the University of California in Irvine where he teaches marketing and branding.

Meet James

Over the last decade, James has built a multi-seven-figure agency that helps businesses see their full potential in an ever growing digital landscape. The process starts with crafting the right brand story, telling that story digitally on the web, and creating a predictable system that drives results. James hopes to infinitely expand understanding of creative territory and transcend the boundaries of the normative world of design. Whatever the heck that means.

James would love to help think through marketing strategy, or even take it completely off your hands. Imagine a personal trainer that would lose weight for you. That, but for marketing.

When he isn’t optimizing marketing funnels, James will turn into a spaceship, or horse, or janitor – Whatever his wife and kids decide. He’s been a member at Grace Harbor Church for almost twenty years, and serves faithfully on the board of several non-profits.

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